“When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.”
– Ancient recipe

“So many consignors came to us with great paintings that were undocumented originals, tribute pieces, or copies, that we decided to feature them in their own online auctions.  Sales of artworks in the manner of…  That’s how this auction house was born.”
-William Janosco & Bruce Wood, co-owners.

In the Manner of is an auction venue for buying and selling antique and vintage artworks created in the styles of master artists.  Many of the works offered have been lived with for decades, and loved for no other reason than their inherent artistic energy and beauty.  Some may indeed be by the artists whose signatures appear on them, but In the Manner of simply presents them as equal to other artworks which have been created as decorative pieces emulating the work of beloved artists.

In plain terms, In the Manner of offers fine artworks for those with sophisticated aesthetics.  The pieces have no provenance, no guarantees, and no pedigrees.